JT Kostman, Chief Data Officer at Time Inc.

“I wrote an article a little while ago that made the point that you're in far greater danger from toasters than you are from AI.”



Gina Tomlinson, Commisioner at the Privacy Advisory Comission

“It shaped my whole perspective about technology and how it’s implemented and who it was implemented for.”

Sumit Ohri, CIO of Health Sources Rhode Island

“Learning the business while making deployment and security decisions was challenging but also rewarding.”

Kumud Kalia, CIO at AI-based cybersecurity firm Cylance,

“When you're a startup you can do multiple things; wear multiple hats.”

Praniti Lakhwara, CIO at Apttus, a CPQ giant based in the bay area.

“We are in that technology landscape where things are changing every day, and people and teams are starting to expect that change. We need to step up.”

Yousuf Khan, CIO at Moveworks

“You have to make decisions between doing it yourself versus working with startups or companies that focus on this.”

Mark Settle, Veteran CIO and author, former CIO at IAM giant Okta

“We kind of won but then we looked around and realized the implication is we're not in charge anymore.”

Caroline Wong is the Chief Security Strategist at Cobalt

"I think for any first security hire, the most important thing to do during the first 30 days is to listen, learn, and get very curious about the organization and how it works."

Ritesh Sarda, CIO of Sun Life Financial in Hong Kong.

"The Chinese tech firms are starting to monopolize the Asian market, because well, they have access to asians!"

Midhat Asghar, interim CIO at Praire View A&M University

"Within academia, it is relatively hard to completely eliminate a shadow IT."

Julie Cullivan, CTO at Forescout

"Careful what you wish for! I poked my nose into people development one too many times and so when the opportunity arose, we tacked in on to my mandate!"

Dhwanit Shah, CIO of Energy Ogre, a Texas based Energy Company. 

"I wear both the CIO and CTO hat. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am one person with two titles!"

David Cunningham, CIO at law firm Winston & Strawn LLP

"To some degree, I never wanted to be a CIO. As I've said many times, it was because I saw the challenges CIOs face."

Malcolm Harkins, the Chief Security Officer at Cylance Inc.

"It's the perfect storm, the threat actors and threat agents are just continuing to advance what they were doing. The sad part is, we've all been using such crappy controls that the industry has sold us for years, and marketed as something that would solve the problem, that all the bad guys need to do is a little tweak to their attack vectors in order to get through most corporations. It's basically a rinse, wash, repeat cycle for most attacks today- on consumers, or on enterprises."

Michael Hailye, Chief Information Officer of Embassy Management, LLC.

"The CIO that I think is most effective, is the integrated CIO. They have the business background, they have technical knowledge, and they bring it together."

Shuman Ghosemajumder, CTO, Shape Security

"At Google, where you would ask the question - "what's the process for being able to do something?’- the answer is often there is no process, and you're now in charge of creating that process."

William Zhang, Lead Security Architect at World Bank Group.

"We have a job that is so critical that if you ignore
one aspect of it, your information asset can be compromised. We all understand that danger. What we need to do is to paint the business picture of it."

Lee Vorthman, Head of Global Security Engineering at Pearson

"IT security has a bad rep as a cost sink. There's not a lot going on that can demonstrate positive revenue. But that doesn't mean that there can't be positive value."

Mike Kail, former CIO at Netflix and Yahoo 

"I've always been really excited about emerging technologies and how to do things differently and kind of look out ahead."

Tim Campos, former CIO at Facebook

"The need and demand for technology leadership is going to keep changing. Your job is learning to stay ahead."


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