About Us

We started Pulse to democratize access to information and insights from the best minds - to power a purer information movement that is unsullied by any agenda. 

Our mission is to enable the creation of content you can trust, easily access, and use to make more informed decisions.

What we are all about:  

We will always improve our content and reports to make better and more intuitive for you and your teams.


Real data

We will always be a community based on true identity, which in turn leads to content you can trust. We will do what it takes to maintain this even as we expand our community.


Real people

It is important that members and customers get to answers faster. What Google does for search, we want to be able to do with research. To achieve this, we will enable better, more useful, and more delightful experiences for you to engage with on our platform.



Our Team 

Mayank Mehta,

CEO and Co-Founder

Anand Thaker,

CTO and Co-Founder

Drew Johnson,


Jay Flaherty,

Account Executive

James Vitale,


Deepa Shah,


Nico Recana,


Sarah Cunningham-Scharf,


Shareefa Jaffer,


Roshni Pankhaniya,