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from your buyers

Crowdsource B2B market insights and turn them into unstoppable content on Pulse Content Cloud 

Pulse is a two-sided marketplace

CXOs + Executive Buyers

Marketing Teams

Pulse Content Cloud packages data from its community into bite-sized marketing assets

Create, launch and analyze survey based on best practices found by marketers like you.

Community of 20,000 verified executives in 25 Industries

They learn from each other in agenda-free, vendor-free environment 

How your peers use Pulse

Voice of the Customer

Bespoke customer community to receive the voice of the market and voice of the customer.

Exclusive Studies

Business Studies help differentiate and amplify your voice in the marketplace.

Content Library

Content Library with 5k + social cards, sound bites, and 100+ Pulse Insider reports reflecting the voice of the market.

Content Cloud will convert your survey results into relevant, snackable content branded for your company so that you can start speaking your buyers’ language.

Turn Insights into Assets

How we compare

Pulse works with our Technology Executive community to give you actionable insights in a fraction of the time that analyst firms can. The entire process from survey to report takes 2-3 weeks not months.

Real- time insights

72% of executives believe that analyst firms charge too much. We get data directly from our online community for 80% less than large firms charge for data from the minds of their analysts.

The real cost of real data

“Pulse has been a perfect complement to our demand generation and product marketing programs at Okta."

Kylie Gifford,

Senior Campaign Manager at Okta

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