Email Security Systems: 

Reducing the Admin Burden

Today’s security teams face more threats, increased regulation, and bigger risks and it’s driving them to organize differently. 

Formerly, hacks could be nullified by unplugging a compromised device. However, threats now cut to the core of business operations. Breaches and regulatory action are expensive enough to prevent hospitals from treating patients, financial firms from ensuring a return, governments from completing its missions, and businesses from winning customer trust. 

As research by Pulse Q&A into mid-sized organizations found, these teams are placing increased importance on email security systems that free them from administrative burdens so they can conduct the higher-order planning needed to stay secure and compliant.


Data drawn from a survey of 101 CIOs, CISOs, VPs of IT.

Understanding the value of your security program

Security teams are spending a majority of their time investigating false positive or benign threats. 

Of organizations are losing nearly one day of the working week dealing with benign threats. 


Of organizations lose nearly 2 days of the working week remediating these benign threats.





If given the chance to reprioritize their time, security teams would spend it on more valuable work. 

#1 focus of security teams would be to investigate and remediate actual incidents.

#2 priority is to perform vulnerability testing

Investigate and remediate actual incidents

 Perform vulnerability testing

Having a secure email solution is vital to organizations of all types.

of organizations say that a secure email solution is extremely important or very important. 

However, nearly 1 out of 4 organizations do not believe their emails are well protected

Smaller organizations were less comfortable with the security of their emails. 32% of organizations with less than 200 employees were less secure with their email protections.

Given their reliance on them, teams want secure email solutions that are easier to administer

Whereas 31% of organizations between 200 and 500 shared this belief.



Reducing team’s workload




Simple and low-touch administration


Archiving tools are crucial to workflow and regulation

Of these organizations, the majority are archiving emails and messaging through apps.

Penalties are high for violating industry regulations


Majority of organizations estimate the cost of violating the regulations that govern their industry at $25k+

35% don’t know the cost of violating the regulations that govern their industry.


The cost of a breach is potentially even higher

40% estimate the cost of a breach to be $100,000+

A majority of companies believe that properly enabled compliance teams are vital

Half of all organizations agree that a well-staffed, knowledgeable, and productive security and compliance team is crucial to the company’s well-being.

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