AI in Cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are being used in a variety of tools—but are decision-makers adopting AI in cybersecurity?

In this One-Minute Insight Report, Pulse surveyed almost 200 tech decision-makers to learn:

Data collected from August 31 - September 7, 2021

Total respondents: 191 tech decision-makers

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Many are already using AI in their cybersecurity tools—and are satisfied with the results

Over two-thirds (68%) of decision-makers are using cybersecurity tools that feature AI technology.

53% are satisfied with how AI is performing in their cybersecurity tool(s), though almost a quarter (22%) feel it’s still too early to tell.

Of those who aren’t currently using AI tech in their cybersecurity tools, over two-thirds (67%) are willing to consider using AI in the future.

“[A]ny security provider that wants to exist in the future needs to consider AI.”

- Director, small telecommunications company

Decision-makers think detection speed and predictive capabilities are the main AI benefits, but worry about talent gaps and costs

The main perceived benefits of using AI in cybersecurity are to increase detection speed (74%), utilize predictive capabilities (67%), and reduce errors (53%).

As for concerns about using AI in cybersecurity tools, decision-makers worry about finding the talent to implement the tools (63%), affording the costs (55%), and accommodating for tech stack complexities (50%).

“Privacy preserving AI techniques will need to be considered heavily.”

- Director, manufacturing enterprise

“[We] need to hire more talent. [It’s] difficult to grow our own.”

- Director, small education company

AI will benefit network and IAM security—and most agree it will reduce successful zero-day incidents

Looking at which aspects of cybersecurity will benefit most from AI tech, most decision-makers chose network security (65%) and identity and access management (IAM) (64%).

87% of decision-makers believe the use of AI technology in cybersecurity tools will reduce the success of zero-day security incidents.

“[AI can] help catch the thief [on entry] rather than chasing [them] after the damage is done.”

- Director, small software company

Decision-makers believe AI is the future of cybersecurity

Almost all (96%) decision-makers agree that AI technology will be critical for the future of organizational cybersecurity, with almost a quarter (24%) strongly agreeing.

“[AI in cybersecurity is] an emerging area that we’d like to hear more success stories [about].”

Director, medium-sized software company

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