Cloud Infrastructure Strategy

Cloud infrastructure enables organizations to rapidly scale and adapt to changing demands—and there may have been no more demanding time for decision-makers than the rapid switch to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with the return to the physical office beginning to look possible, will leaders keep the cloud infrastructure tools they have, or are they exploring other options?

In this One-Minute White Paper, Pulse surveyed over 500 verified tech leaders to understand:

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Cloud Infrastructure Strategy

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Data collected from Apr. 2 - Apr. 7, 2021

Total respondents: 501 tech leaders

Hybrid cloud is the model of choice, with AWS leading the way

Three quarters (74%) of tech leaders are deploying hybrid cloud infrastructure in their company.

AWS is the leading cloud platform (67%), followed by Microsoft Azure (55%).

Work-from-home has increased cloud usage—but leaders expecting changes with return-to-work

Overall, 60% of decision-makers report that their company’s usage of cloud solutions has increased over the past year.

92% of tech leaders anticipate that their cloud services and software will change in response to the return-to-work movement.

Security top of mind when making changes to cloud deployment

The biggest reason decision-makers make changes to their cloud services and deployments is to improve security (56%), followed by creating a more agile environment (52%).

Okta is the go-to for cloud security services

Okta (44%) is the most used cloud-based security service, followed by McAfee (35%).

Almost a third (31%) of tech leaders are planning to either purchase a new cloud-based security service or switch from their current vendor.

Okta is the cloud-based security service that most decision-makers (21%) would consider purchasing in the next year.

Microsoft SQL Server is the preferred cloud data management solution

When it comes to data management solutions, tech leaders mostly use Microsoft SQL Server (55%), followed by Oracle (29%).

While most are sticking with the data management solution they have, over a quarter (26%) are in the market for a new vendor.

If they were browsing for a new data management solution, most would consider Microsoft SQL Server (17%), followed by Snowflake Cloud Data Platform (12%).

IT cloud purchasing decisions are up to the C-Suite

Looking at who makes the call on IT cloud purchases, C-suite executives are most likely to be the primary decision maker or give final approval (84%). VPs (52%), Directors (45%), and Managers (52%) all mostly influence decisions, rather than have the final say.

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Cloud Infrastructure Strategy

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