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Customer Experience in 2021

In an increasingly digital world, customer experience (CX) presents new opportunities and challenges for organizations, with IT taking on a more central role in the customer journey. How are tech decision-makers approaching CX in 2021?

In this One-Minute Insight Report, Pulse surveyed over 300 tech decision-makers to determine:

Data collected from July 27 - September 11, 2021

Total respondents: 338 tech decision-makers

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Most respondents note that CX is important to their organization—and almost all agree their organization has a customer-centric culture

85% of decision-makers believe that customer experience is important to their organization.

This is reflected in the majority (91%) of respondents agreeing that their organization has a customer-centric culture.

“Ensuring the customer experience is a priority. Without the customer there is no business.”
- Director, large healthcare company

Increasing customer engagement is a top priority, though personalizing the customer experience is a challenge

Respondents say their organization’s top strategic customer goals for the next 12 months are to increase customer engagement (71%), acquire more customers (49%), and automate CX (32%).

However, respondents say there are still barriers to achieving those goals. The top challenges when implementing CX initiatives are creating a personalized experience (48%), data management (41%), and lack of initiative ownership (34%).

“A great experience is efficient from the customer’s and operation’s point of view.”
- C-suite, large finance company

CX is a top priority for IT over the next year—and that’s reflected in the budgets

Additionally, three-quarters (75%) of those decision-makers have given CX a medium to top share of the IT budget for the next 12 months.

“Leadership has to clearly communicate the need and allow for the necessary resources to be deployed.”
- C-suite, small education company

IT is essential to CX—and should lead the CX strategy

Almost all respondents (92%) agree that IT plays a fundamental role in building a successful CX strategy.

Furthermore, almost three-quarters (72%) feel that IT should lead or take ownership of the CX strategy.

Decision-makers are using more internal than external tools for CX, with a ticketing system the most commonly implemented solution for product design

When it comes to the tools used for CX, 43% of decision-makers mostly use internal tools, while some (34%) are using an equal mix of internal and third-party tools.

Looking at CX from a product design point of view, the most commonly implemented solutions are ticketing systems (63%) and internal UI/UX (user interface/user experience) testing (50%).

“Implement tools for the voice of the customer.”
- C-suite, medium finance company

Chatbots lead the way for customer touch points, and surveys are the main source of customer feedback

To improve the customer experience, respondents say their organization uses chatbots (57%), newsletters (55%), and call-to-action buttons (54%) as touch points for their customers.

Decision-makers say they measure the effectiveness of customer experience in a variety of ways with surveys being most commonly used (74%), followed by interviews or feedback sessions (53%), and email open and click-through rates (51%) rounding out the top 3.

“Define your vision, construct a customer journey map, provide personalized experiences, reply quickly, strive to build a personal and emotional connection with customers, collect regular feedback and surveys, and build helpful content to make a wonderful customer experience.”
- C-suite, small software company

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