Emerging Technology Adoption Q2 2021

As tech leaders navigate Q2 2021, the business world continues to evolve. With lockdowns beginning to lift in certain geographies, are emerging technologies taking on a more prominent role in business goals? 

Pulse surveyed over 300 tech executives to understand, in Q2:

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Emerging Technology Adoption Q2 2021

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Data collected from April 14 - May 13, 2021

Respondents: 391 Tech decision-makers

Spend increases anticipated for emerging technologies in Q2—and boards remain receptive

Most (50%) decision-makers report an innovation budget of 0-5% of revenue in Q2 2021.

Though 84% are willing to spend more on emerging technologies compared to a year ago.

And over two-thirds (67%) believe their board is willing to invest in emerging technologies.

Moreover, almost two-thirds (62%) are also expecting innovation spend to increase in Q3. 

Emerging tech still primarily sought to optimize current goals, rather than redefine—and IT automation is the main target

Decision-makers find emerging tech most useful for optimizing current business goals (66%), rather than redefining business goals (21%).

When it comes to the specific business processes leaders are looking to solve with emerging tech, IT automation (66%), customer experience (63%), and cybersecurity (51%) make up the top three. 

This is a change from Q1, where customer experience ranked first (68%) and IT automation was second (63%).

AI/ML, automation, and distributed cloud still the most sought out emerging tech—and increased efficiencies remain the key metric for success

Looking at the actual tech that decision-makers want to implement, AI/ML (62%), automation (50%), and distributed cloud (36%) are being prioritized.

Leaders primarily measure the success of their new technologies by increased efficiency (51%), drastically ahead of other measures such as increased user satisfaction (16%) and reduced costs (11%) in second and third respectively.

Leaders dedicate time to research innovation, mostly through tech news platforms/podcasts and peer recommendation—and most explore startups as an option

79% of decision-makers set aside time for the team to specifically explore innovative trends.

The decision-makers themselves primarily turn to tech news and podcasts (36%) when researching emerging technologies, followed by peer recommendations (29%) and analyst firms (16%).

69% of leaders engage with startups at least sometimes when weighing up an emerging technology purchase.

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Emerging Technology Adoption Q2 2021

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