Healthcare Strategic Priorities

Tech leaders in the healthcare industry look to expand care and improve business operations with innovative technologies, while also maintaining stringent compliance and security for the sensitive data they manage. How do decision-makers strategize while navigating these unique requirements and limitations?

In this One-Minute White Paper, Pulse surveyed 100 tech leaders in the healthcare industry to understand:

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Healthcare Strategic Priorities

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Data collected from January 14 - April 26, 2021

Total respondents: 100 tech leaders in the healthcare industry

Budgets are holding leaders back from achieving their IT priorities in the healthcare industry

Tech leaders in the healthcare industry are primarily focused on improving cybersecurity (54%) for 2021, followed by increasing business process efficiency (47%) and data interoperability(47%).

Most leaders (71%) plan to increase their budgets by only 6-10% to achieve their top three priorities.

And according to 75% of tech leaders in healthcare, budget limitations are the main challenge to achieving their priorities.

Healthcare organizations are benefiting from digital technologies—and leaders are considering even more new technologies in 2021

By implementing digital technology, 71% of tech leaders have realized an improved ability to provide customer insights, and more than half have achieved data compliance (55%) and delivery of personalized customer experiences (53%).

Mobile healthcare apps (65%), telemedicine services (62%), and big data analytics (54%) are the new technologies most under consideration by healthcare tech leaders in 2021.

The vast majority of tech leaders in healthcare (97%) believe their organization is able to integrate core business systems with newer digital solutions.

Hybrid cloud deployment the norm for IT infrastructure and the preferred solution among healthcare tech leaders

69% of leaders are satisfied with their chosen IT infrastructure deployment, leaving almost a third (31%) dissatisfied with what they have.

The ratio that are satisfied with their solution is slightly higher for those with a hybrid solution (76%), compared to those deploying multi-cloud (33%) and on-prem (43%).

Most respondents that would change their IT infrastructure say they would choose hybrid cloud (44%).

100% of those who have an on-prem IT infrastructure deployment (n=7) would switch to a cloud deployment rather than remain on-prem, with 43% saying they would choose hybrid cloud.

Tech leaders prefer cloud deployment, but budgets and security remain a concern

The main benefits of cloud deployment according to healthcare tech leaders are scalability (59%), increased IT agility (51%), and the ability to develop intelligent processes and operations (45%).

On the other hand, their biggest concerns with cloud deployment are cost and budget (68%) and security of company data (43%)

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Healthcare Strategic Priorities

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