Managing Cloud Spend in 2021

2021 may prove to be a very different year than 2020, with new challenges and opportunities when it comes to cloud computing.  For decision-makers, this means a re-evaluation of cloud technology budgets: Tools purchased out of necessity to support a remote workforce might not be the right fit for the future of the organization. How are tech leaders managing cloud spend in 2021?

Pulse surveyed 329 tech leaders to understand:

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Managing Cloud Spend in 2021

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Data collected from March 5 - April 15, 2021

Respondents: 329 tech leaders

Companies often go beyond their allocated budget for cloud spending.

88% of tech leaders allocate more than 10% of their annual recurring revenue (ARR) to annual cloud spending.

And 49% of tech leaders go over budget on cloud spend.

Unexpected spikes in cloud costs occur monthly for most tech leaders (42%).

54% of tech leaders plan on increasing their organization’s cloud spend in the next 12 months.

While tech leaders have taken initiatives such as regularly reviewing licenses and pricing, they are faced with growing challenges.

To control cloud spend, regularly reviewing licensing and pricing (52%) is the top initiative implemented by organizations—followed closely by rightsizing instances (51%), and identifying and consolidating idle resources (49%).

The top challenges with cloud spend management are that organizations lack clear cloud cost governance and optimization (53%) and visibility into service usage (53%).

With spend wastage widely reported, efficiently managing cloud spend is critical to avoid overspend

86% of decision makers estimate that a certain portion of cloud spend is wasted.

Overprovisioned resources (60%) is the top-cited source of wasted cloud spend for the organization.

IT owns cloud cost management, with only a quarter of decision-makers using third-party software to map cloud spend

85% of tech leaders say that IT is the largest stakeholder in cloud cost management.

73% do not use any third-party software to map cloud spend.

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Managing Cloud Spend in 2021

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