Manufacturing IT strategic priorities

The manufacturing industry has unique pressures, from maintaining safety standards to meeting fluctuating demand as part of complex, modernizing supply chains. After a year of the COVID-19 pandemic, what are digital leaders in the manufacturing industry focused on in 2021 and beyond?

In this One-Minute White Paper, Pulse asked 100 tech leaders in the manufacturing industry:

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Manufacturing IT strategic priorities

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Data collected from January 18 - May 8, 2021

Total respondents: 100 IT leaders in the manufacturing industry

Cybersecurity top of mind, and while budgets will increase, bandwidth limitations block progress

Improving cybersecurity (67%) is the number one priority for IT leaders in the manufacturing industry in 2021.

To reflect their top priorities, most decision-makers (45%) are expecting to increase their budget 6-10% from last year.

Leaders anticipate the main challenge to achieving their 2021 priorities is bandwidth limitations (58%), followed by lack of overall technological vision (54%) and incompatibility of existing manufacturing systems with newer technologies (44%).

Digital technologies have reduced operating costs for many

65% of IT leaders in the manufacturing industry have benefitted from reduced operating costs since implementing digital technologies.

When it comes to new technologies, AI/ML & predictive maintenance technology are the top targets—and most believe their business is capable of integrating these technologies

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) (66%) and predictive maintenance technologies (66%) are the technologies most organizations are considering adopting.

Overall, 94% of tech leaders in the manufacturing industry believe their organization is capable of integrating core business systems with newer digital solutions.

Most manufacturing infrastructure is now cloud based, but over a third aren’t satisfied with the state of it

Hybrid cloud (52%) is the most common IT infrastructure, though 13% are still deploying on-premises.

However, over a third (35%) of decision-makers are not satisfied with their current IT infrastructure deployment.

Looking closer, those who use multi-cloud infrastructure are the most satisfied (89%, n = 9), while those describing their cloud deployment as public cloud are the least satisfied (37%, n=19).

And while almost half (49%) wouldn’t change their IT infrastructure, those who could would switch to either hybrid cloud (19%) or multi-cloud (19%).

Scalability & the ability to develop intelligent processes the key benefit to cloud deployment, though costs remain a primary concern

Scalability (71%) is the primary benefit of cloud deployment, followed by development of intelligent processes and operations (64%) and increased IT agility (44%).

Meanwhile, the biggest concerns with cloud deployment are cost and budget (75%) and security of company data (52%).

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Manufacturing IT strategic priorities

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