SaaS Management

SaaS sprawl can be an issue for organizations as the increasing number of third-party apps used may leave IT departments in the dark about spend, security, and usage. To tackle this, SaaS management platforms (SMPs) are emerging as a tool that can regain centralized control. After a year of remote teams and the potential accumulation of SaaS tools, how are tech leaders managing SaaS within their organization?

In this One-Minute White Paper, Pulse surveyed 157 tech leaders to understand:

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SaaS Management

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Data collected from Mar. 2 - Mar. 29, 2021

Total respondents: 157 tech leaders

SaaS partnerships are on the rise

Overall, 81% of tech leaders have seen their number of SaaS partners increase over the past 12 months, with most (35%) citing an 11-20% increase in partnerships.

The majority of tech leaders (52%) report using 1-20 SaaS apps in their organization, though 14% report using over 100 SaaS apps.

SaaS partnerships account for 6-10% of budgets for most decision makers (31%), with 11% reporting that such partnerships account for more than 20% of their budget.

Leaders that use SMPs are more satisfied with the state of their SaaS-tracking processes

17% of decision makers are currently using an SMP.

For those not currently using an SMP, 32% plan on purchasing one within the next 12 months.

More than a third (34%) of decision makers overall are unsatisfied with their current SaaS app data tracking processes.

However, of those who use an SMP, 92% are satisfied with their data tracking process (n = 27), compared to the 61% who don’t use a third party SMP (n = 130).

Security top-of-mind as SaaS sprawl increases attack surface area

Security (75%) is the top concern when it comes to SaaS sprawl, followed by compliance (58%), costs, and shadow IT (both 57%).

Increased attack surface is the top security concern with SaaS sprawl (59%), followed by data leakage due to employees sharing information outside the organization and belated disclosure of security issues from vendors (both 58%).

Leaders want SMPs to offer visibility and access controls to deal with unused subscriptions and costs

Identifying unused subscriptions (49%), least privilege access (49%), and visibility (49%) formed a three-way tie as the most desirable features leaders want to see SMPs offer.

Usage/consumption metrics are the top SaaS concern (68%), followed by usage costs (62%), adoption, and support and operations costs (both 54%).

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SaaS Management

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