Cloud Migration

In this One-Minute White Paper, Pulse surveyed over 300 tech decision-makers to understand how tech leaders are approaching cloud migration.

Cloud migration is the process of moving older, on-premises applications and services into cloud-based infrastructures. Usually, the switch is to outsourced, third-party public cloud services, which use the internet on remote servers to keep services running almost 24/7. This offers IT teams increased flexibility and storage. They don’t have to use internal servers, and operations can be quickly scaled based on demand. However, cloud migration can be complicated. Older technologies have to be “lifted and shifted” onto the new cloud infrastructure, or new apps have to be purpose-built. New skills are required for the latest tools, and costs have to be factored in. But, with teams spending a year remote due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for cloud migration may have become essential for business survival. 

What’s the state of cloud migration in 2021?

Cloud Migration

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