Emerging Technology Adoption

Pulse surveyed 252 IT leaders to track emerging technology adoption within IT in Q1 2021.

Emerging technologies offer decision makers innovative solutions to achieve their business goals, with vendors and analysts often predicting significant return on investment (ROI) for these new products. Examples include Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), Natural Language Processors (NLPs), Robotics Process Automation (RPA), and Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) to name but a few.

However, newer technologies can be costly and their adoption creates inherent risks. Early adopters seeking a competitive edge lack performance benchmarks, as there are few in-the-wild case studies. Employees may need retraining or new specialists/third party support may be required to add the new products into existing tech stacks, all of which takes time. Boards may be unwilling to invest, given the risks.

So are digital leaders adopting new technologies? What categories of innovative products are they exploring, and with what goals in mind?

Emerging Technology Adoption

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