SD-WAN Adoption

Modern IT teams need to operate over distance, whether that be across different offices, remote workers, warehouses, or smart sensors in the field. This requires a network through which to send the data and commands where and when necessary.

With software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN), technology leaders can use the internet to operate these networks, controlled by third-party software. Using a graphical user interface (GUI), a centralized team can oversee the deployment and provisioning of access and controls over established networks, and create new ones. Teams undergoing upgrades can incorporate legacy software and hardware into SD-WAN networks, and those networks can be monitored and optimized so that traffic can be sent dynamically based on demand. However, while SD-WAN is designed to reduce lag time, processes are dependent on a reliable internet connection. 

In this One-Minute White Paper, Pulse surveyed 154 technology leaders to gain insight into SD-WAN uptake and how decision makers perceive the technology.

SD-WAN Adoption

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