Survey Integrations 

turn web traffic into customers

Own the journey through your marketing funnel with Survey Integrations on your website.

Drive prospects from 

Awareness to Action

Prospects become aware of your brand through the survey experience and submit their information to you.

Generate interest by recommending targeted content along with their survey results. 

Create desire by showcasing products based on their survey results.  

Contact them post-survey to build an informed relationship and drive purchasing action.

Embedded assessment surveys 

Users receive a customized report depending on their responses and buyer profile. You'll get granular detail about how to solve your prospect's unique needs.

Survey Integration Solutions 

Classic embedded surveys

Capture respondent contact information directly on your site. Every user gets the aggregated results from the Content Cloud report after they complete the survey.

We give you a snippet of JavaScript. You embed the survey on your website. 

Users take the survey, access the results—and become aware, interested and engaged.

Integrate the Survey 

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