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Gather the insights you need to shape messaging and positioning

Understand your target buyer's needs and pain points with insights from thousands of verified CxOs, VPs, Directors, and Managers who actually make the purchase decisions.

Multiply the impact of your marketing resources

Get third-party validated survey data, snackable One-Minute Insight Reports, and infographic marketing assets at a fraction of the time and cost of engaging a traditional research firm.

Unlock up-to-date, personalized market research

Search a comprehensive living knowledge base of industry reports, One-Minute Insight Reports, and 20,000+ fresh executive-generated data points every week.

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Charts showing role, industry, and geography data from survey participants

Targeted Surveys

Conduct targeted surveys of verified key decision-makers by role, industry, and geography.

Receive results within weeks of survey launch, ensuring access to timely data and insights to shape your marketing initiatives.
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Quick Polls

Quick Polls help you dig into a specific query without the need to run a full-fledged survey. Launch a Quick Poll within minutes and get instant insights from the Pulse executive community. 

See the responses as they come in with live infographics. Power monthly campaigns, thought leadership, and press outreach with fresh and relevant data.
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Multiple One-Minute White Papers
Multiple One-Minute White Papers

One-Minute Insight Reports

With constant information overload, no one has time to consume long white papers. Stand out in the crowd with snackable, third-party validated, and ready-to-go One-Minute Insight Reports.

Guide the narrative around an entire topic with One-Minute Insight Reports. Engaging insights and infographics bring data to life and establish the credibility of your solution.
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Social Cards

Make data memorable and accessible with captivating visuals. Take bite-sized insights from surveys and Quick Polls and package them into infographic Social Cards.

Use Social Cards on social media, webinars, blogs, and other thought leadership to give third-party validated credibility to your content. 
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Multiple One-Minute White Papers
Multiple One-Minute White Papers

Live Surveys

Enhance your top of funnel strategy with Live Surveys. Embed Live Surveys and assessment surveys on landing pages to gather prospect needs, drive lead generation, and serve up gated One-Minute Insight Reports.

Improve outbound outreach by connecting respondent data directly with existing CRM and marketing tools such as Salesforce and Marketo.
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