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Hitachi ID amplifies press coverage using verified third-party data

April 26, 2021
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Azarmeen Dastoor
Azarmeen Dastoor
Image of Dawn Mallyon, Vice President, Marketing of Hitachi ID Systems

Unveiling key insights into how identity and access management can enable remote work

Unveiling key insights into how identity and access management can enable remote work


Drawing conclusions from broad research data can have adverse effects when it's time to make key business decisions. In certain cases, generic studies might miss the mark entirely on understanding the needs of a target demographic. After exploring multiple research platforms, Hitachi ID selected Pulse and its verified network of IT buyers to conduct their custom studies and gather insights.

The challenge

When launching a new product, marketing and product development teams analyze market research data to identify the challenges their customers face so that they can position their product as a viable solution. Unfortunately, administering custom research studies can quickly become an expensive and cumbersome undertaking for businesses like Hitachi ID, an industry leader in delivering identity and privileged access management in a single platform. Due to lengthy timelines and large costs associated with custom studies, an increasing number of organizations are forced to use generic market research to make business decisions. These business decisions can be misguided and have detrimental effects on the product's long-term success.

Hitachi ID was under the guidance of a new CEO who pointed out the pivotal reason why the company was unable to achieve exponential growth: there was a disconnect between the business and its target customer. Although Hitachi was a well-regarded name in technology, prospects often did not know that Hitachi ID, a subsidiary of Hitachi, offered an identity and access management tool. While the business had some broad research material from large-scale traditional analyst research firms, Hitachi ID was not able to conduct any custom in-depth market research due to cost and bandwidth constraints. Without third-party verified data, Hitachi ID struggled to garner the press coverage that would amplify their marketing narrative.

The solution

Hitachi ID’s marketing team partnered with Pulse to conduct custom research to inform their buyer-driven marketing campaign and lead the news narrative. With the shift to remote work due to COVID-19, Hitachi ID wanted to dig into what challenges IT leaders faced and how they were addressing those challenges. Hitachi ID leveraged Pulse Content Cloud to launch surveys targeting IT leaders to understand shifting priorities and how identity and access management tools could address security needs. Hitachi ID also utilized One-Minute White Papers, Social Cards, and survey data to visually present their findings in bite-sized, easily consumable content pieces for a full-funnel marketing campaign.

The outcome

With timely third-party verified data and content from Pulse, Hitachi ID was able to garner press coverage previously unavailable to them, leading to enhanced brand recognition and positioning. Hitachi ID's research on IT leader priorities and the need for identity and access management tools to enable remote work was covered by leading technology media outlets including:

“Before Pulse, we didn't drive our own surveys to learn about our market. We’re now becoming more methodical with how we approach market data. Pulse has been a key part of this data-driven marketing process.”

Dawn Mallyon
Vice President, Marketing
Hitachi ID Systems

Following the launch of their successful public relations campaign around the research, Hitachi ID's website traffic skyrocketed, amplifying their brand and image recognition. By partnering with Pulse, Hitachi ID was able to bridge the gap between the business and its target audience, gain substantial press coverage from promoting marketing material available on Pulse Content Cloud, and ultimately obtain a larger market share.

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