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Maximizing webinar registrations using feedback from the Pulse community on cloud buyer priorities

July 5, 2021
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Azarmeen Dastoor
Azarmeen Dastoor
Headshot of Jennifer Vogel, Director of Marketing at InterVision

When Pulse came along, we had the opportunity to tap into a very specific audience and collect information straight from the source. We were able to confidently solidify the topics of interest and structure before planning our event because we tested it on the Pulse community.

Jennifer Vogel, Director of Marketing at InterVision


InterVision takes the guesswork out of planning for their semi-annual Cloud Strategy Summit by surveying and validating the development of their topics and forming their event structure using direct input from verified technology users in the Pulse community.

The challenge

It’s tricky to successfully garner interest for IT cloud webinars in a saturated market — every cloud business is using this tactic for lead generation. During the pandemic, all businesses were forced to conduct virtual events to limit the chances of spreading the coronavirus. With an increasing number of companies planning webinars using the exact same topics and individuals experiencing webinar fatigue, it became increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd and entice individuals enough to register, as InterVision began to experience. For over 25 years, InterVision Systems has helped organizations transform their technology strategy by delivering the right technology, deployed on the right premises, and managed through the right service model.

InterVision hosts a semi-annual Cloud Strategy Summit to keep potential IT cloud buyers and existing customers informed about the opportunities and challenges associated with cloud adoption. InterVision was seeking a solution to validate the topics they were planning to cover during the summit and looking for feedback on their webinar format to determine if it would resonate with their target audience.

“We knew the categories we wanted to talk about but we needed some sort of evidence to give us confidence in what we were putting out there,” states Jennifer Vogel, Director of Marketing at InterVision.

The solution

InterVision used Quick Polls to get quick feedback from verified IT buyers on which cloud-related topics were most intriguing to them, and formed the structure of their webinar using these data points. Jennifer’s team also used One-Minute Insight Reports and Social Cards as promotional material when generating email and blog content for their pre- and post-webinar nurture campaigns.

“When Pulse came along, we had the opportunity to tap into a very specific audience and collect information straight from the source about our webinar’s value proposition,” explains Jennifer. “We were able to confidently solidify the topics of interest and structure before planning our event because we tested it on the Pulse community.”

The outcome

Prior to signing up with Pulse in November 2020, InterVision had 300 registrants for their Cloud Strategy Summit. After becoming a Pulse customer and utilizing Quick Polls to plan and promote their April 2021 summit, InterVision surpassed 300 registrants for the same event within a week.

Jennifer attributed the spike of registrations to insights from Pulse: “No doubt we surpassed our registration goals within one week because of Pulse. We were so much more ahead in the development of topics and structure of our event this time around. Pulse took the guesswork out of planning for our event, and gave us the insights and confidence we needed to know what’s top-of-mind for our customers.”

Jennifer continues, “Before, we used to generalize what our audience wanted, but this time we were able to laser focus on their needs, tailor our content, and plan our virtual event successfully. Our topics resonated with the audience, and we didn’t need to do extra demand generation around this event because of it.”

“While we can consume research from traditional firms, in many cases we're guessing or approximating or assuming certain attitudes in senior IT from various pieces of broad, canned research. Pulse let us find out and dive into exactly what we needed to know about our target market.”
Lance Walter, CMO at Neo4j
“Before Pulse, we didn't drive our own surveys to learn about our market. We’re now becoming more methodical with how we approach market data. Pulse has been a key part of this data-driven marketing process.”
Dawn Mallyon, Vice President, Marketing at Hitachi ID Systems
"Pulse saved our marketing team hours of work by executing dynamic content specific to our audience. The quick poll graphics resulted in higher open rates and traffic to our website. The one-minute white papers are a big hit with our audience because they are a quick and relevant alternative to the longer reads they are used to. Pulse customer service is the best customer experience I have ever had with a subscription-based content creator."
Andrea DeLesDernier,
Data Management & Cybersecurity Marketing Director at Axis Technologies
"In order to get the media to even look at your survey results, there has to be news value. Using data derived from a survey of experts in a specific field is only part of the equation. It has to be timely, topical, statistically relevant, and not self serving. Let the data inform the story and then let the reporter tell the story. That’s why Pulse is great for getting the right topical data that amplifies a client's narrative."
Mike Lizun, Executive Vice President at Gregory FCA