Pulse just raised our Series A and there is a lot to be excited about

April 2, 2020
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Mayank Mehta
Mayank Mehta
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Pulse just raised our Series A and there is a lot to be excited about

Pulse just raised our Series A and there is a lot to be excited about

Pulse just raised our Series A and there is a lot to be excited about

When we founded Pulse, we built the company on the belief that knowledge should be readily available and easily sourced for executives and companies of all sizes.

Pulse began as a plugin for Facebook Messenger that let leaders poll their friends and networks.

With seed funding, we grew into a platform – building a full and interactive community for over 15,000 CIOs, CISOs and CTOs with tools to share best practices, source information, and get unbiased insights.

Today, we’re proud to announce $6.5M in Series A funding led by AV8 Ventures, to help us grow further as the social research platform and interactive community that’s shaking up the entrenched research industry.

With this funding, first announced on Techcrunch this morning, we’ll scale our platform, expand our engineering and content teams, and accelerate product innovation to further equip executives with the insights needed to run businesses effectively. These efforts will take Pulse to the next phase with industry leading content and product insights – as always providing real data, in real time, from real people.

What’s Next?

We’re also really excited about introducing Product IQ – a new report that enables decision-makers to pick the right tools and vendors for them for their company’s specific needs.

Product IQ reimagines how the technology industry makes product purchase decisions. Instead of a static two-by-two model, the Product IQ report adapts in real-time to use-case data and insights from peers to guide how technology executives shape their decisions.

Future versions of the report will enable personalized and tailored recommendations based on each business’ unique needs. We want to ensure that all executives get access to the best vendors and tools, not based on company marketing budgets, but on actual product quality. Test Product IQ out for yourself here.

Why Pulse?

At the epicenter of change there’s no playbook. As companies evolve, leaders have to move fast amidst pressure, plan ahead, and take bigger risks that could make or break a company in the changing world. Pulse gets it – we are seeing the world evolve as we speak.

We’re growing to ensure that we can bring a larger number of innovative decision-makers from companies all over the world together and offer even more and better tools to provide real-time industry-leading insights.

We’re growing to power innovation information sharing, so trailblazers don’t have to walk alone.

Thanks for joining us on the path.

Yours sincerely,

Mayank Mehta

CEO and Co-founder, Pulse

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