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Reducing time to make critical business decisions by 50%

April 7, 2021
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Azarmeen Dastoor
Azarmeen Dastoor
Picture of Mark Wojtasiak, Security Research & Strategy VP of Code42

Leveraging Pulse to understand evolving buyer needs during COVID-19

Leveraging Pulse to understand evolving buyer needs during COVID-19

We're now churning out reports within six weeks, cutting our research time by more than 50% compared to before when it used to take four weeks just to get a statistically significant sample size.

Mark Wojtasiak, Vice President of Portfolio Strategy and Product Marketing at Code42


Code42 relied on traditional research firms and methodology to gather insights from security buyers. Prior to Pulse, it took anywhere from three to nine months to strategize, plan, and execute a piece of research. With a rapidly evolving marketplace during COVID-19, Code42 leveraged Pulse to efficiently conduct personalized near-real-time research on everything from buyer sentiment to thought leadership.

The challenge

Data risk detection, response, and management are pivotal data security practices for organizations like Code42. Code42 safeguards the data of more than 50,000 organizations against cyber threats, which include five of the ten largest tech companies worldwide. With nearly 20 years in the cybersecurity industry, their team of 500 employees continuously adapts and delivers solutions to ensure modern-day businesses remain productive while keeping their data secure.

Code42 found it challenging to conduct a go-to-market strategy for their upcoming Incydr™ data risk detection and response product launch. Before using the Pulse platform, Code42 either conducted their own internal-led research that relied heavily on existing customers and excluded prospective buyer insights, or leveraged existing research produced by traditional analyst research firms to draw conclusions. In some cases, conducting personalized research studies with these firms would take up to nine months before enough actionable insight was collected to make a business decision, yet at times this research didn’t provide a detailed enough picture of the target buyer's needs.

The solution

As the needs of the workforce continued to evolve due to COVID-19, buyer patterns and behaviors rapidly changed. With hopes of reducing time and money spent on executing personalized studies, and becoming equipped with insights directly from their target market, Code42 signed up for their first few studies with Pulse, which centered around three core objectives:

  • Objective #1 - Finalizing the Incydr product name based on how synonymous it was with the platform’s core function—managing insider risk.
  • Objective #2 - Conducting a needs analysis to determine a go-to-market strategy for different enterprise segments.
  • Objective #3 - Developing thought leadership content around category creation that could be used from both corporate marketing and demand generation perspectives.

Mark Wojtasiak, Vice President of Portfolio Strategy and Product Marketing at Code42, worked closely with Pulse to brainstorm ideas for studies that would fuel creative thought leadership content that engaged Code42’s target buyers. "We had to determine the needs-based segments that we were going to go after. From my past experience, a standard research firm would usually take anywhere from three to nine months—and that is simply not fast enough for the speed in which we operate as a SaaS company."

The outcome

At this time, Code42 was fine-tuning its message while trying to launch a new product within a short amount of time. "The runway was super short to make quick, educated decisions on everything from validating our hypothesis about the product name to finding out how we can segment our enterprise market. We used Pulse data for that and came to a decision within weeks versus months," Mark shared. Rather than relying on “random acts of research,” the team now had access to a consistent stream of relevant Pulse research that enabled them to connect thought leadership, PR, and corporate communications to influence product development.

Recently, Mark invited team members across product, sales, and marketing departments to help influence the types of research they will conduct on Pulse in the near future. "We're now churning out reports within six weeks, cutting our research time by more than 50% compared to before when it used to take four weeks just to get a statistically significant sample size. For us, the ROI has been our time to market and the speed at which we make business decisions. We're a SaaS company that moves extremely fast and we wanted to hit the ground running in the new year, not wanting to waste precious time trying to perfect our strategy and plans," states Mark. "We just wanted to go, and Pulse was instrumental in helping us do that."

“While we can consume research from traditional firms, in many cases we're guessing or approximating or assuming certain attitudes in senior IT from various pieces of broad, canned research. Pulse let us find out and dive into exactly what we needed to know about our target market.”
Lance Walter, CMO at Neo4j
“Before Pulse, we didn't drive our own surveys to learn about our market. We’re now becoming more methodical with how we approach market data. Pulse has been a key part of this data-driven marketing process.”
Dawn Mallyon, Vice President, Marketing at Hitachi ID Systems
"Pulse saved our marketing team hours of work by executing dynamic content specific to our audience. The quick poll graphics resulted in higher open rates and traffic to our website. The one-minute white papers are a big hit with our audience because they are a quick and relevant alternative to the longer reads they are used to. Pulse customer service is the best customer experience I have ever had with a subscription-based content creator."
Andrea DeLesDernier,
Data Management & Cybersecurity Marketing Director at Axis Technologies
"In order to get the media to even look at your survey results, there has to be news value. Using data derived from a survey of experts in a specific field is only part of the equation. It has to be timely, topical, statistically relevant, and not self serving. Let the data inform the story and then let the reporter tell the story. That’s why Pulse is great for getting the right topical data that amplifies a client's narrative."
Mike Lizun, Executive Vice President at Gregory FCA