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Saving 150+ hours per quarter on content research and creation

July 12, 2021
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Azarmeen Dastoor
Azarmeen Dastoor
Headshot of Andrea DeLesDernier, Marketing Director at Axis Technologies


Creating thought leadership content takes a large amount of time and effort for marketing teams—especially when there’s only a team of one. In order to save time creating content, Axis Technologies uses content available on Pulse for integrated marketing campaigns.

The challenge

In the digital age, it’s essential to produce thought leadership content on a consistent basis to stand out from the competition. From researching to writing to designing and promoting, creating thought leadership content can take a significant amount of time for marketing teams. This couldn’t be more true for Andrea DeLesDernier, Marketing Director at Axis Technologies, who is an all-encompassing marketer and team of one that is responsible for generating value-added content for cybersecurity and data management. Axis Technologies specializes in cybersecurity, SOC-as-a-service, product lifecycle management, infrastructure and analytics software and services, and advanced content collaboration systems across a variety of industries.

Andrea describes her challenges in more detail: “Axis has been around for over 20 years, but our marketing department is still very small. I do everything in tandem from building brand awareness and generating leads to creating customer personas, and it’s hard to spend so much time creating content when there’s other tasks I have to get done.”

The solution

Under the guidance of her dedicated Customer Success Manager, Andrea quickly onboarded on Pulse and created customized Quick Polls and Social Cards to increase brand awareness for Axis Tech across their social channels, web properties, and email lists. This resulted in a surge of impressions on social media, a steady influx of leads on the web, and higher email clickthrough rates.

“Pulse has some of the best customer service I’ve ever experienced—and that’s saying a lot, because I've been in marketing for 25 years,” states Andrea, who goes on to explain another aspect about Pulse she found helpful in her content creation journey. “As a marketer who didn’t come straight from the technology industry, I found the One-Minute Insight Reports and Pulse’s extensive Research Library incredibly useful and insightful, especially when I needed to reference timely content for cybersecurity. I absolutely love the quick tidbits of information and the graphics that are on the One-Minute Insight Reports. We’ve noticed they’re so easy to promote and have become a real industry hit—even our CEO loves them!”

The outcome

Andrea noted that, on average, she “saves over 150 hours of work curating and creating content per quarter” when leveraging Pulse.

“Since I’m the sole marketer, I put an emphasis on organic growth. I make sure we’re using data that’s going to reflect the expertise we have in our field with our audience every time we do an outreach. Having the market research readily available on Pulse and seeing what tech leaders are thinking about is extremely beneficial for me because I don’t have to spend time gathering data from different sources manually and risk being behind the trend.

“When I was looking for a market research company, some firms weren’t an option because their prices were unobtainable. Pulse is reputable, has better quality research, and gave us quantum leaps forward in such a short amount of time,” Andrea continues. “I recommend Pulse for the breadth and quality of content, the value in its unbiased sample audience, and first-class customer service.”

In the future, as Andrea’s marketing team expands beyond a team of one and as Axis Tech continues to grow, Andrea plans on “bringing in people from different departments at Axis Tech to use the knowledge that’s stored on the Pulse platform for their purposes.”

“While we can consume research from traditional firms, in many cases we're guessing or approximating or assuming certain attitudes in senior IT from various pieces of broad, canned research. Pulse let us find out and dive into exactly what we needed to know about our target market.”
Lance Walter, CMO at Neo4j
“Before Pulse, we didn't drive our own surveys to learn about our market. We’re now becoming more methodical with how we approach market data. Pulse has been a key part of this data-driven marketing process.”
Dawn Mallyon, Vice President, Marketing at Hitachi ID Systems
"Pulse saved our marketing team hours of work by executing dynamic content specific to our audience. The quick poll graphics resulted in higher open rates and traffic to our website. The one-minute white papers are a big hit with our audience because they are a quick and relevant alternative to the longer reads they are used to. Pulse customer service is the best customer experience I have ever had with a subscription-based content creator."
Andrea DeLesDernier,
Data Management & Cybersecurity Marketing Director at Axis Technologies
"In order to get the media to even look at your survey results, there has to be news value. Using data derived from a survey of experts in a specific field is only part of the equation. It has to be timely, topical, statistically relevant, and not self serving. Let the data inform the story and then let the reporter tell the story. That’s why Pulse is great for getting the right topical data that amplifies a client's narrative."
Mike Lizun, Executive Vice President at Gregory FCA