Mobile Study

Future of 

Looking ahead to 2025

How do 100 global CIOs think their business will evolve, and what role will mobile play in this evolution. The hypothesis is that it will become even more critical in how people, applications, and data interact to deliver business results fluidly.


Ideal Target

100 CIOs


Questions for the Study

Read the following description of the state of business in 2025 and then rate your level of confidence in the prediction.

Looking ahead to 2025, the workforce of the future will be dispersed across many geographies and timezones. The technology stack will be more complex, consisting of more apps (both cloud and on-prem), data, devices, and transactions. However customer experience will still rule the day with expectations getting even higher for how quickly businesses can serve their needs. 

The workplace of the future is widely dispersed across many geographies and timezones. 


Approximately what percentage of your mobile apps will be built (in-house) vs. bought? (The slider indicates the % of apps built in-house)


By 2025, Voice assistance will be the single most used mobile feature for employee apps / for consumer apps?