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PR & Communications teams

Leverage Pulse data to tell and amplify your narrative
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Make your story newsworthy by infusing it with data

Why this matters:

Press releases without data-driven insights won't catch a reporter's attention

Create surveys targeting Pulse's technology leader and key decision maker panels

Access third-party data to amplify the importance and relevance of your message

Highlight the latest buyer and market trends with custom timeline Quick Polls

Be the first to market with relevant data

Why this matters:

Breaking through the noise requires your brand establish itself as a cutting-edge thought leader

Highlight data points and benchmarks gathered straight from decision makers

Serve up industry peer benchmarks that validate your solution with One-Minute Insight Reports

Create co-branded One-Minute Insight Reports from the latest market research in the Pulse Research Library
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Control and amplify your product narrative

Why this matters:

Without data to fortify your story, your impact is limited

Shape your story with primary market research exclusive to your organization

Turn your targeted research into easy-to-understand social assets and One-Minute Insight Reports

Amplify the impact of your marketing message by including infographic Social Cards in your press releases
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Reducing time to make critical business decisions by 50%

Learn how Code42 leverages Pulse to understand buyer sentiment and fuel thought leadership.
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“While we can consume research from traditional firms, in many cases we're guessing or approximating or assuming certain attitudes in senior IT from various pieces of broad, canned research. Pulse let us find out and dive into exactly what we needed to know about our target market.”
Lance Walter, CMO at Neo4j
“Before Pulse, we didn't drive our own surveys to learn about our market. We’re now becoming more methodical with how we approach market data. Pulse has been a key part of this data-driven marketing process.”
Dawn Mallyon, Vice President, Marketing at Hitachi ID Systems
"Pulse saved our marketing team hours of work by executing dynamic content specific to our audience. The quick poll graphics resulted in higher open rates and traffic to our website. The one-minute white papers are a big hit with our audience because they are a quick and relevant alternative to the longer reads they are used to. Pulse customer service is the best customer experience I have ever had with a subscription-based content creator."
Andrea DeLesDernier,
Data Management & Cybersecurity Marketing Director at Axis Technologies
"In order to get the media to even look at your survey results, there has to be news value. Using data derived from a survey of experts in a specific field is only part of the equation. It has to be timely, topical, statistically relevant, and not self serving. Let the data inform the story and then let the reporter tell the story. That’s why Pulse is great for getting the right topical data that amplifies a client's narrative."
Mike Lizun, Executive Vice President at Gregory FCA