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thinking right now.

Without breaking the bank.

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To capture a busy IT exec’s attention (and budget), you need to market your offering as the solution to a problem they’re facing today. 

The problem is, finding out what your target buyers are prioritizing right now has historically meant paying a traditional market research firm for farmed IT market analysis. You could commission them to conduct custom research for you… but that takes a 

big chunk of your budget. And by the time you get your results, they’re already out of date. 

Tech execs use online communities to get peer advice, talk about the latest trends, and make purchasing decisions.

CIOs in communities like Pulse are generating the real-time insights you need to understand your target buyers’ priorities. Our 15,000+ IT executives members are ready to answer your questions so you can solve their immediate needs—not those from last quarter.

Or—you could crowdsource real-time data from a verified online community for a fraction of the time and money.

How IT Execs make purchasing decisions?

“I love the speed and agility that Pulse has in delivering insights from the CIO community on different topics. Plus the content is so creative and they’re always market testing so we always know our content is ready to go!”

Whether they’re navigating a crisis or joining in on fast-paced tech development, tech executives choose real-time peer insights to inform their purchasing decisions.

Half of all IT execs take a second look at their purchasing decisions throughout the year. As the industry shifts, so do their budgets. Since their budgets are nimble, your data has to be too. 

A whopping 79% of tech leaders spend

less than 3 hours a year talking to

solution vendors. Maximize the impact

of your one-on-one time by talking

about the problems they’re talking

about now.


Data insights need to be timely.



And commissioning surveys from traditional research firms won’t get you those insights in time—let alone in real time.

Pulse works with our tech exec community to give you actionable insights in a fraction of the time. The entire process from the first concept meeting to final delivery of your data and marketing assets—takes a couple weeks, not months.


Industry insights are invaluable—but getting them can be pricey. Industry analysts charge subscriptions that take a big chunk out of your bottom line, and their custom research fees are even higher. Getting real-time data from the Pulse community costs 80% less.

of executives in the Pulse community think market analysis firms charge too much for their research.



of tech leaders say the current market situation will mean reduced spending on research from firms like Gartner and Forrester.

Join the No BS movement

Real data means direct data. Skip the farmed analyst research and get your insights directly from the executive community we have built.

The 15,000 IT leaders in our verified community are ready to give you crowdsourced insights you need to market your solution in a way they’ll buy.

Not sure what to ask them? No sweat. Pulse knows our members—and we have a proven track record of creating surveys that generate the response you need.

Once we collect those responses,

we’ll even pull the top data insights

and create white-labeled marketing

assets, like these popular bite-sized

white papers, that sell your story to

IT buyers. After all, they’re the ones

who wrote the story.

Don’t take our word for it. 

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We used Pulse to do an extensive CIO survey that helped validate OneLogin’s vision.

- Miles Kelly, CMO at onelogin

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